Solar Screen Material

solar screen material
SOLAR-CELL help please?

ok I’m trying to build a home made solar cell…i have a book on doing this but a part of the page is missing…it says to screen print these materials on a glass plate and bake them on in a nitrogen atmosphere
how, where and in what order do i put them on?

1. Cadmium Sulphide in powder form = Cds (or if already thick liquid or ink OK.) 2. Cadmium Chloride + Cdcl 2 ( Powder or liquid form ) 3. Propylene glycol + pg in liquid form 4. Carbon Powder, if you can not find none make your own wood carbon powder? 5. Cadmium = Cd 6. Tellurium = Te Page 5

do I screen print on on one side and the other on the other side?
or do i print them on layer by layer?

You would print layer by layer on one side of the glass.

I’m not familiar with this particular chemistry, so can’t say any more.

Remember that Cadmium is highly toxic, and should be treated like lead, mercury, or other poisonous metals. Tellurium is not going to be cheap.

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