Solar Powered Spotlight

solar powered spotlight
Is there a solar powered Spotlight strong enough to light up my street?

When I come home for the night, it's so dark in my court, I can not find the hole in the door for my key. I would like to have a Solar Spot Light on a pole, I could just find push into the ground. I'm afraid to order / buy any solar powered spotlight, because the ones I am familiar with such a weak force. I need a recommendation from someone that something like I described (Brand, model number, where to buy, etc.) …. or maybe it's not just exist, I! Thank you!

He's right Solar is cheesey best. I would to go at least with low voltage landscape lighting on a timer, but make sure you like what you see, because the lower voltage is not cheap stuff so that bright either try to find fixtures that at least 12 volts. You can see a door at least. If this is not bright enough, you should go with a 120 volt setup.

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