Solar Power For The Home

solar power for the home
how to built a solar power system in my home?

my warm greetings to you
my name is ahmed , i am from iraq ,i am an electrical engineer.. you know our hard circumstances , and i believe that sun power is the best , and i am so concerened , but we dont have solar cells here , my qeustion is .. how can i built a suitable solar power system to my home with out employing solar cells ? waiting for your kind answer with my best regards


without photovoltaic cells you are going to have a hard time generating electricity. solar energy requires a lot of initial cost – a typical home installation in the US costs around $20,000.

the simplest kind of solar heating is to use the sun to heat water for the house instead of using energy to heat the water. that will save you some money.

another thing you could do without PV cells is to build a solar concentrator -basically a large curved mirror or mirror array that will focus the sunlight to a single spot. this focused sunlight can be used to power a device called a stirling engine, which can be used to turn heat into mechanical energy. it’s a mechanical device – if you are an engineer you could probably build one and then attach it to an alternator scrounged from an old car or truck.

you should keep in mind that anything home-built is going to be pretty inefficient. even a 100W solar panel is about a half-meter square. i’m not sure what “hard circumstances” means, but if you don’t have very much money to spend your best bet is probably something like wind power generation instead of solar. solar is great and you have lots of sun in iraq, but the technology is expensive and not very good at this point.

at any rate, best of luck and stay safe.

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