Solar Motion Lights

solar motion lights
Problems with motion sensor lights?


A few days ago, my parents bought a set of motion sensor ligths for nighttime. They have Infra red sensors so they only go off if something moves in front of them. Anyway,they were timed so that the light only lasts 30 seconds after activation….after tonight, I noticed that one stayed on ALL THE TIME even there HAS BEEN NO MOVEMENT near it and only went off because the battery wore down. The second goes off for only 15 seconds every 5 minutes or so. Anyone can walk in front of it and it doesn’t go off until 6 minutes after the light knocked off. I’m a bit lost about what has gone wrong.

Here is a page showing the item that was bought:

Has anyone else bought this product and had the same problems? If so, how did you fix them?



I’ve had the same problem with them.The switches in them are cheap.Just return them for a replacement.

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