Installing Solar Power

installing solar power
Solar Power/Invertor?

Has anyone in India installed solar power for running electrical appliances in their home? And I dont just mean water heaters.
I have heard the TATA BP Solar panels cost around 20k per panel – anyone used them?
Also, if yu have a conventional invertor installed, solar power can also be used to power the invertor’s battery.
Anyone please?

the panel cost depends on the wattage of the panels…
you can size the panel according to your requirement

i hope in india a 100W panel may cost you around 18000-20000

if we get 6 hours of proper sunlight falling on the panles.. u wil be approximately generating 600watts a day..

u can light a 100watt bulb for 6 hours

u need a solar charge controller before the battery so that there is proper charging of battery and no reverse current during night to damage ur panles….

u have to choos eyour panel according to your battery.. like whether it is a 6V , 12 V or 24 V battery

ex; a 12V panel will generate around 16.5V whicch after lossed in controller and wires will come to 14-15V.. which is required for a12V battery for proper charging

solar water heater is only efficient and affordable option for common people in india..

there are many small companies in india doing solar works.. juz try search engines ..

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