Imagination Solar

imagination solar
Do you think time travel is possible?

I do not think it's possible. Here is my theory, space-time image as a 3D grid like this now http://wwwvis.informatik.uni-stuttgart.d … can say, lines moving up and down and all the right moves to the left and one room, the one moving back and Next, the time and the whole thing is the universe. Now all Pick Interse ction and call it a point, that's where you are now. With the earth rotate and orbit the sun, about a third away from the edge of a rotating galaxy that is moving through space or the universe. You will never again be at point A in your life. even one sat exactly for exactly one year (Use your imagination here) would you probably in the same place on Earth and perhaps the same place relative to the sun, but the solar system would be would be in another part of the universe in a different part of the galaxy and the Milky Way.

What you described in your testimony, is the movement through time and space. Time travel is just that … travel through time, travel through space need not be affected. Thus making a statement on the travel time, You have to travel to separate the space from time. That is, a journey is to travel time, no matter where you are in space. To answer your question … As you can imagine time travel It is not possible. That is, I guess you have about traveling both forward and backward in time to talk. It has not been demonstrated that by the experiment can reverse all the time. In fact, traveling through worm holes, for example, is just a wild imagination, no real basis in physics. Scifi stuff. Even time travel into the future is unlikely, if not impossible. Relativity theory postulates we could fast enough to slow down our time relative to the outside to travel. So when we returned from our trip, we would find that we landed some time in the future from the time went on trips, while. But, and this is a big but, energy, the speed even more to the speeds are needed, and make the trip in the future are significant beyond the current forecast future capabilities. In extreme cases, traveling at the speed of light, where time stands still for travelers, would an infinite amount of energy. Also the entire universe does not an infinite amount of energy.

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