Diy Solar Thermal

diy solar thermal
ideas on DIY thermal/solar window covering?

I live in a hot climate and need something to block the sun from coming in (so I won’t have to resort to getting an AC). I’m on a tight budget so I can’t afford the ready made solar shades. Do you have ideas on good materials to block the sun? Or are there online tutorials to help me? Thanks for any advice! :)

“Use awnings, shutters, roof overhangs, trees and other coverings to shade your windows. This is far more effective than using indoor window coverings which allow the heat to enter your home, but try to trap it against the window. If you cannot block sunlight outside the sun-facing windows, try to use reflective window treatments on the inside so that at least some of the heat energy is sent back out through the glass rather than being absorbed in your home.”

Tin foil is cheap … :P

Lined curtains will help, too – but they can be more expensive than solar shades. If you can’t block it on the outside – paint your windows (you can get bottles of “stained glass” paint – you can peel it off later, and you don’t have to be an artist). They have metallics (silver, etc.) and they are extremely easy to use, and non-toxic. I’ve used them for decorative purposes – and highly recommend them. A little goes a long way and it won’t dent your budget!

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